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Plans and Pricing

We have a variety of programs to meet your individual needs.

12-Week Wellness Lifestyle Package - $50/session or $480 prepaid

If you have long-standing habits you want to change, we recommend a 12-week wellness lifestyle program with weekly meetings. It takes time to slowly replace your existing patterns with healthier habits that you can sustain for the rest of your life. Most sessions are 40 minutes, with the initial consultation lasting closer to 1 hour. In office or telephone coaching are available to meet your needs.

  • Prior to the first 60 minute session, you will be asked to complete a comprehensive Welcome Packet.
  • At our first meeting, we will identify the areas in which you feel ready to start making small lifestyle changes. We will set three-month and one-week goals.
  • In our weekly 40-minute sessions, we will review your existing goals and set new goals, going at your pace.
  • Once a month, we will assess your progress toward your three-month goals and explore the obstacles that may be holding you back from your wellness goals.

6-Week Wellness Lifestyle Package - $50/session or $240 prepaid

  • This is a condensed version of the 12-week Wellness Lifestyle Package.

Customized Wellness Coaching Packages

Whether you need just a session or two to get back on track, or you would like to be coached on a less frequent basis than weekly, customized packages are available to meet your particular needs.