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Dr.G's Approach

Gretchen DeYoung, BS, DC, Health and Wellness Coach

Are you looking for an approachable, positive, non-judgmental person to help you on your journey to live a healthier, happier, more balanced life?

Would some fresh, fun, and realistic planning, goals, and accountability help you get started?

If so, I am happy to assist you!

My passion is helping people figure out how to feel and be their best. I realize I am not an expert in your life, and thus my approach as a wellness coach is to ask questions, listen, support, and guide you into identifying your own wellness plan and goals that are exciting, meaningful, and realistic for you. Meanwhile, I offer ideas, support, and resources to make your plan and your goals even more achievable!

With backgrounds in Kinesiology (exercise science), Health and Wellness Promotion, and Chiropractic, I have had the opportunity to offer wellness services to clients and patients – both male and female – across all age brackets. Together, we have tackled issues related to stress, weight, nutrition, chronic illnesses, relationships, finances, and more.

The part I treasure about being a coach is that I cannot take credit for any of the achievements that my clients make. I can only ask the important questions and allow people to arrive at their own answers. People’s successes and lessons learned are all theirs – and that knowledge allows people to believe in themselves, trust themselves, and feel empowered to keep moving forward in their journey to feel and be their best. And that’s the most any of us can do… to embrace and enjoy such a journey!

Please let me know if I can help you on your journey to be and feel your best. For more info, click here.